Do I need a Working At Heights certification?

Most likely.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Working At Heights certifications are mandatory for all employees and contractors who must use certain fall protection equipment on construction projects or who work over 3 metres.

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Thus, if you’re considering a career as a forklift operator, chances are you will need a Working At Heights certification that is approved by the Ministry of Labour, and both Section 26 of Ontario Regulations 297/13: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY AWARENESS AND TRAINING. and 213/91: CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.

Nowadays, most Working At Heights certification programs include:

  • Identification of fall hazards
  • Review of fall protection systems and components
  • How-to calculate fall clearances
  • Guidelines for appropriate equipment selection
  • Overview of anchorage points and basic energy dissipation principles
  • Rescue plan review
  • Proper component inspection and maintenance
  • Relevant standards and regulations
  • Body support selection and application, and more

Don’t worry—while this may sound like a lot to cover, you will find everything you need at the CN Forklift Training Centre, and you can get certified in a single day’s work!

Book your certification and training: Working At Heights in Milton, ON

With CN Forklift Training, getting your Working At Heights certification is easier than ever. To simplify your training, we offer:

  • A complete forklift training curriculum under one roofSupplement your Working At Heights training with any other certification required to work in the industry, including WHMIS, fall prevention training, warehouse training, earthmoving training, and more.
  • Flexible scheduling—Start your Working At Heights certification whenever it works for you. Our convenient Milton training centre is open 7 days per week; courses are always running; and booking is easy.
  • Personalised programming—Our instructors tailor programs and instruction to your company’s specific needs and equipment, and to the individual’s level of training and experience. Additionally, to accommodate Canada’s multicultural workforce, we offer Workings At Heights certification training in multiple languages, including Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Dutch, and English.
  • Exceptional training—To maximise engagement in both classroom and practical training settings, our talented instructors use 1-on-1 teaching techniques, and our custom, CSA-compliant, Ministry of Labour-approved programs are among the best in the industry.
  • Training discounts for students and newcomers, and recertification is available for as little as $79.

To get started with your Working At Heights certification, and find out why so many Canadian operators turn to us for their training needs, you can:

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