Forklift Recertification & Courses

  1. Re-Certification of Competence

    fork1Increasingly stringent guidelines, detailed codes of practice, and mandatory legislation are an ever-present fact of life. It is of paramount importance that the industry is aware of these complex requirements and responsibilities. Intense training for competency will be provided.

    Time Duration: 3 hours

  2. Refresher Courses and Pre-operation checklist Training

    We provide a short educational course to review the subject and developments on your acquired skill to improve it even further. Experienced Forklift Trainers can do the refresher course than doing the complete program again, the short refresher course helps us to enhance and improve your skill.

    Time Duration 5 hours

    Topics Covered

    Legislation issues
    Stability of operations
    Starting and shutting of machines
    Managing Load Handling Equipments
    Personal Lifting
    Refueling and ReCharging of batteries
    Pre-check and Inspections

  3. Practical and Theoretical Training

    Practical and Theoretical Training
    Circle Checkup [Pre Trip Inspection]
    Counter Balance
    Reach (Narrow Aisle)
    Cherry Picker
    Pallet Truck [Walkie] and Scissor lift.
    We provide training with a DVD Video demo Safety Training Classroom Presentation.

  4. WHMIS Training

    WHMIS Training(Includes WHMIS Signs) .MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet training. Training of WHMIS Labels and Symbols. Onsite as well as Offsite Training. Video-based self-study program.
    Contact us for all kinds of medical and theoretical training at your location.

  5. Fall Prevention/Protection Training

    Fall Prevention/Protection TrainingFalls are the main cause of Fatal accidents in Toronto, we train fall protection and prevention for maximum safety in the workplace. It’s mandatory to be trained for fall protection in most industries. Important things like wearing a seat belt for scissors lift precautionary measures while handling forklift machines Hazard information to be kept on the mind and finally Fall arrest Training to keep you safe in the industrial area.

    Certificate and Diploma Valid only for one year. Contact for Prices.

  6. Existing Operator Certification Course

    Existing Operator Certification CourseThis course is designed for the individual having lift truck operator experience but does not have formal training. This program will enhance your operator’s awareness of safe lift truck operation. Operators are given a written test and a hands-on evaluation. A lift Truck Certificate is given to the operator after successful completion of both theoretical and practical components.

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