About CN ForkLift Training

CN ForkLift Training Centre is the leading industrial skills training organisation in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Here at CN ForkLift Training Centre we have expanded our earthmoving operations to be able to better offer a complete earthmoving training experience.

In addition to officially recognised Forklift Training and Licensing we also offer warehouse training and earthmoving training.Employers in a wide range of industries will find these courses useful for staff development and training, and as a means to improve workplace safety relating to forklifts.

Employees with Forklift Training or Certification will increase their opportunities and marketability. Well trained operators who recognize the importance of safe and efficient forklift operations are valued by employers in a wide variety of industries.

From those experiences I formed the principles that still guide our training today:

  • Great training starts with great instructors who are excited about what they are doing, knowledgeable about what they are teaching and have a commitment to keeping people safe. Some companies believe that an instructor is not necessary or that you can complete forklift training “on line” and do it well. We respectfully disagree.
  • Great training means using materials that are current, realistic, interesting and that not just educate, but convince people to make changes and to work safely.
  • Great training is not easy and can’t be “one size fits all.” Generic programs may work for some types of safety training, but not with powered equipment. Time and effort is needed to determine the needs of each company, their application, their equipment and their unique strengths and weaknesses.
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