Why Do I Need to Have a Forklift Certification to Operate a Forklift?

Why Do I Need to Have a Forklift Certification to Operate a Forklift?

Have you seen those videos of forklift operators crashing into walls of products? In those horrifying videos, the forklift operator and the products are at risk of getting injured. Know that forklift training in Toronto is required to prevent such scenarios.

But you might ask- aren’t such situations rare cases? Or you might say- if the driver was careful, then that accident wouldn’t have happened. Know that the reason such accidents are not more common is due to the forklift training. As such, having forklift certification is important due to the following reasons:

 Why Do You Need A Forklift Certification?

 A forklift certification aims to:

  • Reduce property and equipment damage
  • Reduce insurance rates
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower money and time wastage
  • Improve employee morale

 Know that all companies which hire forklift operators need to see the forklift certification before hiring. As such it’s a necessity. Note that the Occupational Safety Health Administration generally gives this certification.

 How Can You Get This Certification?

 The process of this certification can vary a lot based on the institute or site you are getting it from. However, most places offering this certification will require you to complete both practical and theoretical courses to successfully get this.

 After all, hands-on practical training is needed to ensure that you can use a forklift in your workspace according to the set safety standards. Alongside this, classroom training is necessary to ensure that future forklift operators know about the safety standards, repair techniques, maintenance techniques, and more regarding a forklift.

 However, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the on-site training location for theoretical classes. For such people, there are online lectures and training courses available as well. For example, you can get the needed training from the online forklift certification course as well.

 Also, do keep in mind that the training requirements will most probably vary according to the site where you will be using the forklift. For example, the forklift training for maritime application will vary a lot compared to construction application training.

 What Kinds Of Forklifts Need You To Get Trained?

 The short answer is all. You will need to get certified for whatever kind of forklift you are using. For example, if you are using an order-picker, you will have to get certified in it. Also, if you are using a specialized attachment, then you need to get certified in that as well.

 If you are operating something that you haven’t received training on or are certified in, then it’s advised that you have a talk with your manager or supervisor about it.

 For How Long Will This Certification Last?

 Sadly getting certified once isn’t enough. You will need to get certification once every three years. So if you see that the third anniversary of your last forklift certification is approaching, then you need to let your manager know about it.

 Know that the certification license includes the identity of the operator, the training data, the evaluation date, and the identity of the personnel carrying out the certification. Not to mention that the date you were last evaluated on is mentioned as well.

 So you need to keep that date updated by ensuring re-certification. This will allow you to remain in compliance with the latest forklift guidelines. Know that you can opt for online forklift certification Canada courses to get the needed re-certification and training if you can’t make it to campus classes.

 However, an operator might have to go in for an earlier refresher course if he or she was observed handling the machine in an unsafe manner. Apart from this, an operator might have to go for an early re-certification if he or she was involved in an accident.

 Also, you might be required to enroll in re-certification classes if you are handling a different kind of forklift or if your workspace or industry changes. These are common instances when you might have to get recertified and re-evaluated if you are fit and knowledgeable enough about the machine that you are operating.

 What Does The Certification Test Involve?

 Since the training has theoretical and practical parts, it stands to reason that the test will involve two parts as well. So you will need to sit for a written test and then go for a hands-on evaluation.

 The written test checks if you have learned everything there is to know about operating the machine. Know that if your state requires a written evaluation, it will be the easiest way to get the certification. On the other hand, the practical test will show if you can navigate actual workspace conditions or not. Note that most courses place a lot more emphasis on practical tests than the written ones.

 Also, know that the training takes only 1-2 days, so the training period won’t require you to invest a lot of time in it. After all, not everyone can afford to leave their workplace for several days to get this training.

 What Is The Cost Of This Certification?

 You need to keep a budget of $100 to $200 for getting this certification. However, note that the certification price varies according to the location/site you are getting the certification from.

 Now, if you are opting for an online forklift certification, you can rest assured that it will cost you only about half of the amount that in-person training will cost. As such, if you are looking for a cost-effective way of getting this training and certification done, then the online mode is the way to go.

 A forklift operator has to move heavy objects around storage facilities, warehouses, as well as construction sites. So to ensure the safety of the load as well as the operator, forklift certification is necessary. Know that you need this certification for all kinds of forklifts as well as the additional equipment. Do note that this certification typically lasts for 3 years. After that operators will need to get recertified. Also, keep in mind that this certification is mandatory in every company which needs a forklift operator.

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