Top 5 Signs Your Forklift Requires Service or Maintenance


Top 5 Signs Your Forklift Requires Service or Maintenance

Forklifts are a powerful machine that helps in moving bulky loads on a construction site or warehouses. They have a forked platform fixed at the front – it can be raised and lowered accordingly to move or lift cargo. Plus, they can lift an object which humans are unable to do – so, for industries that require hefty-duty jobs, forklifts are indispensable. Moreover, this robust machinery also helps in saving time as it can move material swiftly.

With that said, buying a forklift is a huge investment for the business. And, hence its structured maintenance makes sure that this heavy machinery is safe for employees as well economically efficient in its operation. Additionally, companies rely on forklifts for daily tasks, and their proper functioning is imperative for smooth business operation. Thus, to ensure forklift longevity, the only optimum way is – keeping up with the regular maintenance. With routine maintenance, one can look for the problems which may occur in the future. However, if your forklift has not been serviced for quite a long time (or due to the Coronavirus Pandemic) then it’s time to keep a close eye on the signs it is producing. Let us dig deeper to know if your forklift demands service or not!

Worn Out Forklifts

The forks in your lift truck can get weakened due to rigorous transportation, picking, or offloading the pallets. And, if the fork is in a damaged condition, it will not be able to carry the load. Perhaps, this may lead to a calamity such as a load may get drop and damage during transmission. Therefore, to be on the safer side- if you notice forks are bent, cracked, or misaligned then take your fork truck out of service. Moreover, worn-out folk decreases the lifting capacity by 20%. It is highly recommended to replace the mangled fork.

Leakage of Oil

If there is any leakage in the lift truck, you can see the trail of oil on the ground. Or the spotting forklift oil can also be seen where the forklift has parked for a long time. This warning sign can be very menacing for other forklift operators – it can lead to tripping and falling. And this may also be associated with other performance problems like spongy breaks, steering issues, or poor fuel efficiency. Plus, a leak can also be an indication of hydraulic system failure. So, it’s suggested to look for oil leakage concerns beforehand to avoid expensive repair and on-site employee lesion.

Damaged Chain in Fork Truck

Forklift chains are a powerhouse for fork trucks. As these chains lift heavy loads every day. But like other machinery, they are also vulnerable to wear and damage- particularly after frequent utilization of forklifts. The more operative forklift is on the job the more it is prone to worn-out. Moreover, the chain failure can lead to serious threats such as the collapse of forklift, or injury to fork operators. A thorough examination of pinheads, link plates, rust, misalignment, anchors, and elongation of the chain is a must. Further, in advance discovering and addressing the forklift chain problem can help in improving safety at the workplace as well as abets in saving money and time.

Warning Light on Forklifts Panel

One of the most common signals ignored by forklift operators is the warning signal lights on the information panel of the forklift. The panel may differ as per the model of the forklift, but it will show the warning if the issue persists.

Whatever issue your forklift engine is encountering – the oil needs to change, or pressure in tires is low, the information panel will indicate it with a notification light. And, it is recommended to go for a visual inspection before operating the lift truck. Additionally, training for forklift operators is pivotal! To know more check out Forklift training Toronto price!

Spongy Brakes

Like other vehicles – Brakes of forklift are an essential part of this machinery and regular checking of them is a must to ensure the safety of operators and others around them. If brakes are not operating properly then one should stop operating the lift truck immediately. And, the indication that shows forklift brakes require repair – squealy noise, getting soft and weak. Plus, do inspect for brake lines and brake fluid.

Hence, if you encounter any of these caution signals while employing the forklift or you notice that your forklift is not performing the way it should then it’s best to talk to expert technicians to fix the issue and service the machinery. On top of that, professional forklift training is a must for the efficient functioning of the machine.  Are you looking for cost-effective forklift training in Scarborough? Then you are in the right place- the CN forklift training center offers the best practical forklift training in Canada.

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