How to Become Forklift Certified?

how to get forklift certification

How to Become Forklift Certified?

Getting certification for an industrial truck such as a forklift is important. The certification involves a training process, classroom lectures, and hands-on evaluation. One can easily go for the training as it is a quick process and can be completed in a few hours. Anyone can earn this credential and for this, all you have to do is do as follow.

Two ways to take the Forklift Training

Forklift safety training is vital for the business and for forklift training, you can choose either in the two ways:


The most effective way is to train in a forklift training institute in person. You can register for a schedule to your preference, complete the lecture, execute the practice test, and finally, get assessed by the instructor.

Online Certification

The second option is to go for an online certification. This is an alternative to forklift training institutes. These classes simulate lectures, evaluation, and education of the course. However, this isn’t the best option for students as it doesn’t provide a hands-on demonstration on the forklift. According to OSHA, the training composes of classroom training, actual driving, and performance evaluation.

How to get Certified?

You can get certified and opt for forklift training from an institute by enrolling in any course. Second, this certification can be taken through company sponsorship and will be the company’s responsibility to provide the course. Also, there are many community colleges that conduct free training too.

However, if you are an individual without prior experience, training school is the best course. If you are experienced and have prior skills onsite training is best for refresher training as well.

Steps needed to apply for a forklift certification
Step 1 – Assess the forklift you want to get trained on

The first question that you may be wondering is the importance of self-assessment. At this stage, you choose the type of forklift truck you want to train on. According to OSHA, the training course should match the type of forklift truck.

Once you have prepared for your needs and assessed yourself, you need to find a training institute where you want to take the said classes.

Step 2- Enrolling in a Forklift Certification training

The forklift training school must teach according to the OSHA standards. You can either opt for an online or in-person course.

For an online course, you can easily find a private training institute. Although this is an easier option it isn’t recommended because this doesn’t comply with the OSHA regulation.

Step 3- Attend the lectures

This course lasts for 6 hours and the topic focuses on OSHA regulations including general safety, and forklift safe driving. Here, the trainees learn techniques that will help them prevent any workplace accidents or injuries.

Step 4- Qualify the written test

After the 6 hours of class lectures, trainees will be given a set of questions that they’ll need to answer. The passing grade depends on the training standard of the school and is around 75%.

Step 5- Perform Hand-on forklift operation

After completing the lectures and passing the test, the next step will be receiving hands-on training. During the practical training, the trainer demonstrates the operation and student exercises. The trainer assign duties including pre-operational inspection and loading.

Step 6- Evaluation

The trainer performs evaluations based on the skills exhibited during the forklift operation. After completing the classroom lecture, passing the written test, and hands-on driving. You’ll receive certification and a forklift license but the certification expires every three years so it is important that you take refresher training periodically.

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