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WHMIS Training-Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

What is the purpose of WHMIS training?

While the specific details of what to teach will vary from workplace to workplace, common objectives for any training program remain the same. The overall goal is to give the workers knowledge and information which they can understand and apply to protect their health and safety every day.

For example: it is not enough for a worker to know that the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) suggests a particular type of respirator for protection against certain product. The worker must know where to get the respirator, locations in the plant where its use is mandatory, how to test it for fit, and where necessary, how to maintain and store it. A successful program gives the worker the ability to use safe procedures with a controlled product and the understanding of why such procedures are necessary.

CN forkLift Training Centre provides training and certification programs.
Get Forklift Training in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga. Our Forklift Courses include Refresher Courses,Pre operation checklist training, Practical training, theoretical training, WHMIS training, Fall Prevention/Protection Training.

The experienced Fork Lift Trainers can enhance their skill by doing refresher Course rather than doing complete program again. We provide training with latest forklift equipments.

Forklift Courses

Forklift training

We are the Forklift Training School in Canada, offering comprehensive hands-on training for all levels of forklift operators.

Our comprises of experienced people who have been associated with Safety & Operator Training for many years.

Our Training Programs are interactive in nature & designed to suit the need of the Industry. Special programs are meticulously tailored for specific individual requirements after studying on-site details.

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  • CLASS A Compressed Gas
  • CLASS B Flammable and Combustible Materia
  • CLASS C Oxidizing Materials
  • CLASS D-1 Poisonous and Infectious Material
  • CLASS D-2 Poisonous and Infectious Material
  • CLASS D-3 Poisonous and Infectious Material (Biohazardous Infectious Material)
  • CLASS E Corrosive Material
  • CLASS F Dangerously Reactive Material



Fall protection and confined space, perhaps more than any other area of safety, tends to seem overwhelming. There is no room for error and miscalculations are most often fatal. The pull of gravity cannot be underestimated.

Fall protection, however, doesn’t need to be so frightening if some basic principles are applied and some basic rules followed. The purpose of this paper is to try to make fall protection as simple as hand protection or head protection.

The main topics covered during the training programs include:

  1. Legislation Issues
  2. Stability of Operations
  3. Starting And Shutting Of Machines
  4. Managing load handling equipment
  5. Personal Lifting
  6. Re fueling and Recharging of batteries
  7. Pre-check and Inspections
  8. Online Training Facility available.

Canadian National Forklift has earned its place as a respected contributor in the field of industrial safety. Fall Arrest training is also provided to keep you safe at your work place.

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