Damages To Watch Out For While Forklift Training

Damages To Watch Out For While Forklift Training

Working as a forklift operator has its own perks. Flexible timings, good pay, and the chance to evolve one’s skills with time.

But all this with basic driving skills? Not really. Operating forklifts requires specific knowledge including not just machine operation but also the proper maintenance of forklifts for smooth functioning.

Forklift maintenance is important because:

  • To maintain safety at the workplace
  • To reduce downtime
  • To avoid workplace accidents
  • To save on undue repair costs

However, some damages rate higher on severity and emergency than others. CN Forklift Training, the premier institute for Forklift Training in Toronto, advises to watch out for such damages as they’re not just dangerous but also very expensive to repair.

Electrical damages

If there’s any fault in the electrical system, it’s major damage as everything from lifting mechanism to power steering is controlled electrically. Engine transmission is also affected. This can lead to workplace mishaps if the electrical system suddenly stops working. Most forklifts today come equipped with an onboard computer to check the same. Electrical systems can be checked by running diagnostics and any fault can be rectified easily and quickly.

It’s important to keep checking electrical systems at a regular interval, at the time of servicing, or when minor faults appear. With regular checking, a forklift can be made to run as well as a new one for many years.

Coolant spill

Radiator burst and subsequent coolant spill are more than just a single mess. Engine heating may lead to the halting of the forklift midway. Apart from that, coolant spill comes under hazardous material mishap and must be handled carefully. Fixing it costs a lot. Therefore it’s important to carry out pre-operation forklift inspections every time. Any issue that may lead to a radiator burst must be fixed beforehand.


Hydraulics play a major role in a forklift. From braking to lifting, hydraulics are crucial. Therefore, it’s important to check hydraulic fluids for any leakage or spill.

These are some of the damages that must be fixed ASAP to ensure a safe and productive work environment. For comprehensive Forklift Training in Toronto, contact CN Forklift Training.

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